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Getting accepted to a film festival can be as frustrating as it is exciting.


One of the biggest hurdles to finally seeing your movie in its full glory on that big screen is generating a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). DCPs are technically complex, prone to user errors, and can be very expensive to have made at a traditional mastering house (where you'll often pay full distribution prices regardless of whether your movie has been purchased or not). 


At Periscope Post & Audio, we understand that your festival-bound film needs the same level of professional quality work as any other movie. That's why we offer SPECIAL RATES for DCPs generated for festival release, and partner with trusted festivals to streamline the DCP process! Periscope has delivered DCPs to local & international festivals, including Sundance, Cannes, Telluride and many more.


For more information on these discounted rates, please contact us below!