Edit System One

The Edit System one offers a complete editorial suite inside a single unit. We’ve combined the editing system, the audio mixer and the media outputs for client monitoring inside a single machine. It’s never been easier to set up your post-production facilities virtually anywhere you need them to be.

(Only available in Los Angeles)

The systems can be custom tailored to your post-production needs, with a choice of Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Cloud or Final Cut Pro.

System Details

  • OSX Operating System

  • Pre-loaded with your choice of NLE

  • i7 Processor with 16 GB RAM

  • AMD Radeon HD Graphics Processor

  • USB and Firewire 800 Connectivity

  • HDMI Video Output

  • Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Independent Volume Controls

  • Headphone Jack

  • Built-in Surge Protection

  • Standard Household Power Requirement

Equipment Details

  • 32″ HD Client Monitor

  • Powered Stereo Speakers

  • Keyboard and Mouse

  • Heavy Duty Case with Carry Handle

Available Options

  • Additional Editorial Plug-ins

  • Additional Software

  • Avid ISIS Shared Storage (16GB to 1.53PB)

Program Details

  • 100% Replacement Warranty

  • 24/7 Replacement Support

  • Delivery and Pickup included

  • Installation and Setup

  • Workflow and Integration Consultation

Technical Support Services

  • Telephone Support

  • On-Site or Full-Time Support

  • IT Support

*Other setups and configurations can also be provided. Please contact us directly and we can work with you to figure out the best delivery plan for your project.