DCP Creation

Periscope Post & Audio utilizes top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art DVS tools and workstations that are made specifically for the creation of DCP digital masters. All of our DCP processes follow strict adherence to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) guidelines to ensure compatibility and compliance with Digital Cinema equipment throughout the globe.

Our Available DCP Deliverables

  • DCP Creation: 2K/4K/3D

  • DCP Verification

  • DCDM Creation

  • DCP Rewrap & Versioning

  • DCP Distribution

  • Key Management & Distribution (KDM)

  • Deliverables

  • Hard Drive Rentals

  • DCI Compliant Screening Room

  • Protection Archival of DCP & Source Elements

  • Media Vault Services for DCP & Source Elements

  • Blu-ray and DVD Mastering & Duplication

  • Stereo to Surround Sound Remastering

  • VOD Encoding

  • Standards Conversions & Tape Duplication