Two In the Bush: A Love Story

IMF & DCP Creation | LTO Archival | Full Range of Available Deliverables

With a wide range of deliverable services, Periscope Post & Audio is ready to help push your film through the finish line. Whether you’re looking to prep for your first screening or final distribution, our team’s decades worth of experience in delivering Film & Television is here to help get your project onto the screen.


Our Available Deliverable Services

  • IMF Deliverables

  • DCP Creation

  • Master Level File Encoding & Transcoding

  • Subtitles & Closed Captioning

  • Tape Dubbing & Mastering

  • Bluray & DVD Creation

  • Description Audio

  • Foreign Language Dubbing

  • Transcription Services

  • Music & Effects Track Creation

  • LTO Archival of Media

  • Verification of Digital Cinema Packages

  • Verification of Blu-ray and DVD releases

  • Disc Duplication

  • Sound & Picture Restoration

*Other various Deliverable Services can also be provided. Please contact us directly and we can work with you to figure out the best delivery plan for your project.