Jeremy Zussman

Foley Artist/Editor | Sound Editor | Assistant Engineer | Sound Effects Recordist

Based in Chicago, IL | Available in both Chicago and Los Angeles.

Jeremy Zussman is Periscope Post & Audio’s specialized Foley Artist, with work on a variety of projects including Come as You Are, Range Runners, the T, and Becoming. Jeremy works hand-in-hand with our sound designers to craft original sounds that fit the mood, whether it’s a found footage horror flick (The Monster Project), female-led wrestling drama (Signature Move) or Hallmark Christmas movie (The Perfect Christmas Present).

Working that close to Foley has also lead to Jeremy acting as a Sound Editor on many of the same projects, including two seasons of the mind-bending Arabic television show WaMahyaya (WaMahyaya 3, WaMahyaya 4), and Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story.

In addition to his foley and design work, Jeremy also assists on almost all ADR projects that come through the doors of Periscope, with work on Empire, The Chi, The Exorcist, APB, Titans, and Proven Innocent, and music sessions for Empire.





Jeremy Zussman’s full filmography can be found on IMDb.



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